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This is the most popular first question brides and others looking for wedding photography or wedding cinematography ask us. This is a tough question for us to answer—and we aren’t dodging the question! We are excited to share our products and services with interested potential clients—including the investment required—but there’s not an exact answer to the question.

Our most common reply is, “What do you want in your wedding photography or cinematography experience package?” Because of our unique and easily customizable packages, what you want is actually what will determine how much you spend. We can create custom packages for most wedding budgets, but we recommend couples plan to invest a minimum of $3,000-5,000 in photography (and the same for cinematography)—whether they choose to invite us to tell their love story or not. Remember, wedding photography and wedding cinematography are the only wedding purchases you’ll have after your wedding—and you’ll have them forever—so budget like you will want to cherish them forever!

Lastly—and this is MOST important, please do not choose your photographer or cinematographer by comparing dollars to dollars. The services and products we provide at Knox Wedding Creative are very unique in the East Tennessee wedding industry, and every professional has their own style and unique offerings. Be wise when comparing your options, set an appropriate photography and cinematography budget and try to stick relatively close to it, and make your choice by who you really want to capture your big day—not who has the lowest price. (P.S.: We can offer creative payment solutions to help you afford the wedding package you truly want!)

Learn more about what we offer during a complimentary wedding consultation (the coffee is on us!).

Yes! Learn more about what we offer during a complimentary wedding consultation (the coffee is on us!).

Wedding Videography is a simple recording of your ceremony (and maybe your reception). It’s kind of like if Uncle Sal had a handycam, pressed the record button at the beginning and then again at the end and gave you a tape of the footage. We use cinematography as a method of storytelling (much like a movie) where we capture many unique memories and events and edit them together to tell your love story as a couple, primarily through the lens of your wedding day.

Learn more about what we offer during a complimentary wedding consultation (the coffee is on us!).

Absolutely—we certainly offer Full-Resolution Digital Image/Movie Files! We actually offer a more enhanced digital package than most photographers or cinematographers—including options to get image files included with some product purchases or get them on their own with your package credit.

Our digital files include three digital formats for each image and two for each movie (so you have an optimized file for any use), a personal print-and-share license (copyright release), a Digital Portrait File Care Guide, and a Photo Printing & Care Guide.

Learn more about what we offer during a complimentary wedding consultation (the coffee is on us!).

Put simply, we are passionate about our mission of helping those in need. Our business model of “paying it forward” isn’t something we do for good P.R. or cause marketing—we actually care about the missions and impact of the organizations we feature. We contribute a portion of our full-priced package proceeds, as well as donating our time and expertise where possible.

If you are interested in learning more about how we give back, schedule a complimentary consultation (the coffee is on us!).

We offer a very simply and straightforward booking process to our clients. Regardless of the custom wedding package price, we book our dates on a first come, first serve basis. If we have had a consultation with a bride who has yet to book us for a date that another bride is ready to book, we offer a courtesy “right of first refusal” to the first bride for a very limited amount of time.

To reserve your date, you must submit a down payment to Knox Wedding Creative of at least $500, and we accept most forms of payment. After the down payment has been received, we will put together your contract and your custom package (or adjust it if you have already started one).

If you have any questions about booking, please contact us!