Pricing Basics

Info to help you make the best investment

Start on the Right Track

There are a lot of very important decisions you will make when planning your wedding,
but none are more important than who you choose to invest in for your wedding photography or wedding cinematography.

With so much information from so many vendors, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to start
with what you should spend and what you should get for your photo or movie investment.

Our recommendation is always to choose the best possible artist (you absolutely love their work) that your budget can afford to capture your day, regardless of what products are included in your package. You’ll always be able to order prints and products of your amazing images after your wedding, when you can afford them. If you hire someone whose work you aren’t in love with but offers lots of extras at a cheaper package price, you’ll simply end up with a lot of products that you don’t love.

Make the best decision for your budget, and consider this choice is one you’ll either treasure or regret for the rest of your life!